1. Starting January 1, 2017, as informed since September 1, 2015, all warranty claims for equipment parts will incur a charge of 15% of the value of the part after the first year of warranty.
2. Compressors, electronic cards, and burnt motors are not covered under warranty, as well as compressors with acidity in the oil.
3. Warranty for compressor sales is 1 year, after the first 6 months a 15% charge for freight and warranty handling applies.
4. Warranty Limitations:
a. Does not cover damages from natural events.
b. Does not cover damages resulting from installations in highly corrosive environments or from chemical agents.
c. Does not cover damages from corrosion in installations in coastal areas.
d. Does not cover damages from improper handling or electrical connections.
e. Does not cover damages from lack of maintenance according to the user manual.
f. Does not cover alterations or accessories not approved by the distributor.
g. Does not cover any expenses for labor, materials, or transportation.
5. All equipment must be installed by a certified Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician.
6. All warranty claims must be made through a certified Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician.
7. Returns are not accepted after 10 business days.
8. Cash refunds will not be issued for paid checks for purchases.
9. No returns or warranties without a purchase receipt.
10. No returns accepted for properly dispatched electrical parts.
11. For detailed information on warranty terms and conditions, please ask the seller for assistance or request a copy.
12. After the first year of warranty, all requested technical assistance will incur a fee of $65.00 per hour.

According to Changes on January 13, 2017.

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